At Las Cumbres Ranchwe consider ourselves land stewards

An integral part of the wider ecosystem is holistically managed livestock. Thousands of ranchers across the globe have regenerated their degrading soil using these holistic tools. 

restoring our natural California grasslands

exploring holistic landmanagement

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Regenerative Rangeland

Holistically managed BonsmarA cattle ranch

Las Cumbres Ranch is a holistically managed cattle ranch on the Central Coast of California. We breed pedigree Bonsmara cattle which are highly adaptable and can thrive in dry, brittle environments while producing exceptional quality beef. Because Bonsmaras are browsers and grazers they are effective at fire mitigation. Our environmentally-appropriate livestock build soil fertility, restore biodiversity and sequester carbon. 

The main goal is to imitate the pattern of ancient migrating herds

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incorporating durability and sustainability

Together we make it happen

On a daily basis our skills come together to manage and maintain our precious land.